Environmental policy

At Bee kinder, we care about people & wildlife and know the two are connected - this makes our choices important.

We are working hard to constantly improve our environmentally responsible choices and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our promise to nature

  • For every product we sell from our website, we will donate 10% (excluding delivery charges) to a UK based nature conservation charity.

  • We will donate 5% of our fee for any contractual work delivered, to a UK based nature conservation charity.

And you get to choose which charity benefits each year, by way of a vote on social media!

Our base

  • Cavity wall & roof insulation

  • Double glazing

  • 100% renewable electricity

  • 100% carbon neutral gas

  • Wildlife garden

Our operation

  • Use of recycled paper and minimal printing

  • Pledge to operate using 'reduce, reuse and recycle', in that order to maintain low waste.

  • Use of services and supplies from local, ethical and environmental businesses and organisations wherever practical.

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