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Bee kinder events

Bee kinder offers a range of events from seasonal Spirit of Nature days that give you a chance to escape into the woods for a day of calm, relaxation and creative activities, Walks with Additives to explore the wonders of the Peak District and take part in activities along the way, and face to face and online training courses and workshops for people who connect people with nature.

Gift vouchers are available.

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Behaviour Change - environment & conservation

Behaviour change techniques help inspire and enable people to respect, protect and enjoy places managed for people and wildlife.

"Katherine is a rare breed in the nature conservation world - someone who understands and values the needs of people and wildlife - highly recommended."​

Behaviour Change is a psychology discipline which has become recognised as a powerful tool within the nature conservation sector. People are often deemed the problem for nature conservation, but by recognising and appreciating what people know, believe and value, we can help them become the solution to a richer environment. 

We specialise in two behaviour change areas: 

  • Behaviour Change Interventions

  • Social-ecological systems approach

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Spirit of Nature days

Spending time in nature lifts your soul, helps you discover your inner self, slows down your mind and awakens your senses.

We offer you time to yourself to care for your own wellbeing within the comforting arms of mother nature. Whether you are looking for a day out with your family or friends, or time just for you, we have a little something for every season. We offer seasonal Spirit of Nature days within some on the Peak District's most beautiful countryside.

Either choose from one of our listed events or contact us to organise a tailor-made retreat day just for you and yours. 

Looking for a day where no boys are allowed, something just for families, or strictly no kids? We can do that, no problem.

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Walks with Additives

Not just any walks..
Bee Kinder Walks...with Additives!

Spend time in nature and discover its beauty, charm and downright awesomeness!

Set in the heart of the stunning Peak District National Park, our walks will take you down the spectacular limestone dales of the White Peak and up onto the gritty moors of the Dark Peak and will always offer something a little extra.

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No upcoming events at the moment
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