Spend time in nature and discover its beauty,
charm and downright awesomeness!

We offer you time to yourself to care for your own wellbeing within the comforting arms of mother nature. Whether you are looking for a day out with your family or  friends, or time just for you, we have a little something for every season. 

Our Seasonal Woodland Retreats and Walks with Additives are coming soon.


Seasonal Woodland Retreats
...coming soon

A little something just for you or a gift for someone special.

Spending time in nature lifts your soul, helps you discover your inner self, slows down your mind and awakens your senses.

We offer day-long seasonal retreats to give you the time you need to recharge your batteries within some on the Peak District's most beautiful countryside.

Either choose from one of our listed events or contact us to organise a tailor-made retreat day just for you and yours. 

Looking for a day where no boys are allowed, something just for families, or strictly no kids?

We can do that, no problem.


Springtime Retreat

As nature awakens to a new season, spend time being nurtured by nature's calming beauty and contribute to its cacophony of music.

Springtime brings a flurry of activity and its own chorus of sounds. Spend a relaxing day discovering the sights and sounds of the woodland, create a musical instrument inspired by nature and join the woodland band.

Summer Carnival Retreat

Spend a relaxing summer day creating beautiful things from nature's carnival of colours.

Make natural dyes, design carnival bunting and create your own piece of art inspired by nature's beauty.


Artful Autumn Retreat

Autumn paints a colourful picture which will inspire your Artful Autumn Retreat.

Spend the day whiling away the hours crafting in the beautiful Peak District. Create a piece of land art, make a bird feeder full of goodies from nature's larder and design your own autumn art to take home.

Winter Woodland Retreat

As nature prepares to settle in for winter, join a small, friendly bunch of people within the enchanted woodland.

Using nature's materials make your own den, build a seat fit for a woodland king or queen and make a festive wreath to take home in time for Christmas.

Our retreats create opportunities for you to have a good old natter and a laugh with like-minded people as well as providing you with time for quiet refection in a peaceful location. 

Email us if you would like us to let you know when more details and dates are available.

Walks with Additives
...coming soon

Not just any walks..
Bee Kinder Walks, with Additives!

Set in the heart of the stunning Peak District National Park, our walks will take you down the spectacular limestone dales of the White Peak and up onto the gritty moors of the Dark Peak, and will always offer something a little extra.

Maybe you fancy sketching wildflowers in the spring sunshine, or witnessing nature's own drama unfold during the red deer rut on the Eastern Moors. How about a march to the top of the Peak District's own Matterhorn, hot chocolate in the forest and foraging for natural materials to make bird feeders? Or maybe you want your very own tour into the depths of Lud's Church, a search for sphagnum and maybe an 'action for nature' sprinkled on top!

Spring onto the Roaches

A walk out beyond the gritty edges of the spectacular Roaches and into the atmospheric depths of Back Forest to explore Lud's Church. Create your own piece of art to reflect the natural and cultural history of this magical place. Seek where the wallabies once roamed and search for sphagnum, nature's very own carbon sponge. 

Dates and details coming soon...

Summer wildflowers and pretty things with wings

An amble through the limestone dales from the quaint village of Litton. Explore the stunning array of summer wildflowers blanketing the hillsides, discover the butterflies and moths that dance for the nectar and seek a magical wildlife pond or two. Find a favourite spot and spend time sketching, photographing, or writing poetry or prose about this delightful dale in the heart of the Peak District.

Dates and details coming soon...

Autumn Red Deer

Ramble onto the dramatic Eastern Moors this autumn to witness the unfolding of nature's own drama - the spectacular red deer rut! Watch as the majestic stags compete with one another to win the attention of the female hinds. Discover more about this natural phenomenon and why the Eastern Moors is the perfect habitat for this group of feral deer.

Dates and details coming soon...

Winter Wander

Stretch those legs and blow away the cobwebs with a walk to the top of Shutlingsloe, the Peak District's own Matterhorn. Return through the forest foraging for natural materials to make bird feeders and enjoy a hot chocolate before heading home.

Dates and details coming soon...

Email us if you would like us to let you know when more details and dates are available.

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