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Outdoor learning
& play

Outdoor learning & play sessions that connect people with nature and promote wellbeing.

Science doesn’t lie and it's telling us the natural world is good for our health!

We learn better outside, holding information and applying it to life.

We can be our best selves outside where nature enables everyone to shine.

We are healthier outside in the fresh air, taking part in physical activity.

We are happier outside, with higher levels of positive hormones circulating our bodies.

We are more likely to care for nature if we have noticed it, are in awe of it

and have a relationship with it.  

We deliver half day to four day Bee kinder - Nature Connection sessions & programmes, which deliver part of, or the full nature connections cycle:

  1. Explore & discover

  2. Connection & relevance

  3. Action for nature

  4. Sharing our passion

Our four day programme can be designed to deliver the John Muir Award. 

We offer:

  • ​Design and delivery of environmental learning & play activities and programmes based on the 'five pathways to nature connection', 'noticing nature' activities and Forest Schools.

  • Half day nature activities to four day John Muir Awards for schools, groups and families.

  • Training for staff and group leaders to confidently deliver outdoor learning & play.

We appreciate that no two people are the same and nor are their needs.

We will work with you to ensure our activities are appropriate, effective and fun. 

Outdoor learning & play: Causes

"When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength."

Maria Montessori

Outdoor learning & play: Quote
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