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For people who connect people with nature.

Never has it been more important for us to help people connect with nature and look after the environment, and to do that efficiently, cost-effectively and well!

We deliver training in four main areas.

  • Behaviour Change - environment & conservation

  • Great planning for efficient visitor experience programmes

  • Facilitation for higher participation

  • Learning for life - delivering outdoor learning & play

Training can be delivered in small groups, outside and on-line to help you keep your team safe.

We are also interested in hearing your training ideas. We can tailor training to suit your needs.

Please contact us to discuss.

Training: Feature

Behaviour change - environment & conservation

Behaviour Change is a psychology discipline which has become recognised as a powerful tool within the nature conservation sector. People are often deemed the problem for nature conservation, but by recognising and appreciating what people know, believe and value, we can help them become the solution to a richer environment.

We offer training in:

Integrating a social-ecological systems approach

Integrating a social-ecological systems approach into management and project planning processes for conservation sites with public access.

Training may cover:

  • Defining your system boundary

  • Identifying all elements of the system

  • Understanding the connections and influences between those elements

  • Understanding systems levelers and tipping points

  • Creating rich pictures and systems maps

  • Creating a systems team

Designing behaviour change interventions

Understanding behaviour change in the outdoors and applying theories and models of behaviour change to develop effective strategies and interventions to positively influence people's behaviour in the countryside.

Training may cover:

  • Theories and models of behaviour change

  • Understanding behaviours

  • Warm brain, cold brain

  • Intention-behaviour gap

  • Behaviour change intervention design

  • Applying and evaluating an intervention


Great planning for efficient visitor experience programmes

Never has it been more important for us to deliver streamlined, efficient and cost-effective visitor experiences; ensuring we deliver ‘need to do’ activities and programmes which are tied into the overall management objectives of our places. Using planning and evaluation tools we can be confident that we are delivering what we need to deliver, well.

Training may cover:

  • Creating an objectives map

  • Designing a planning matrix

  • Opportunity and reward – identifying the wins

  • Nature tokens

  • Creating a self-led visitor offer

  • Evaluation, review and planning


Facilitation for higher participation

Given the opportunity, confidence and support, young people can and should design, steer and deliver their environmental youth group sessions, whilst adult leaders take on the role of supportive facilitators.

Training may cover:

  • Why leaders should become facilitators

  • Stepping back confidently

  • Climbing the ladder of participation

  • Supporting young people to design and deliver an environmental project of their choice.


Learning for life - delivering outdoor learning & play

Science doesn’t lie and it's telling us the natural world is good for our health! We learn better outside, holding information and applying it to life. We can be our best selves outside where nature enables everyone to shine. We are healthier outside in the fresh air, taking part in physical activity. We are happier outside, with higher levels of positive hormones circulating our bodies. And we are more likely to care for nature if we have noticed it, are in awe of it and have a relationship with it.

Training may cover:

  • The benefits of learning and playing outside

  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

  • Activities and games based on the Five Pathways to Nature Connections, Noticing Nature, Wellbeing, Behaviour Change and Forest Schools

  • Activities and games for every environment – large or small

  • Techniques for delivering fun, effective learning and play outside

  • Designing outdoor spaces for learning and play

Training: Causes

What people say...

"Interesting, inspiring & engaging."

"The content & pace were pitched perfectly."

"Will definitely be booking on the next one."

Training: Causes
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