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Wildwell Hollow
Wall of Fame

Do you recognise these crafty creations by Tilly Fairy & Bodkin Jack's most promising apprentices?

After decorating antlers or crafting poems, stories and fact files during an author visit, pupils took to the stage to present their creations to the rest of the class and voted for which should win a place on the Wildwell Hollow Wall of Fame.

Wall of Fame: Feature

Congratulations to our first winners!

Roar_on_the_Moor_school_visit_curbar 5.JPG

Pupils from Curbar Primary School created spectacular decorated antlers then voted for the King of Stags' most likely rival! This pair tied in the vote off and I think you will see why!

By the end of the session we had a whole herd of deer in the playground and could hear a lot of deer roaring!

Wow you don't get funkier than that!


These amazing red deer antlers were decorated during an author visit to Peak Forest CE Primary School. We were joined by children from Great Hucklow and Stoney Middleton CE Primary schools too. Three schools in one!

I love these antlers!


Decorated by a pupil at Peak Forest CE Primary School when they were joined by children from Stoney Middleton and Great Hucklow CE Primary schools. I think these antlers would rival those belonging to the King of Stags!

Red deer on the moor...


Red deer on the moor, such a big, majestic animal putting its head in the air showing off to the hinds. With pretty purple heather fading away by the autumn breeze.

I was blown away by this stunning piece of writing by a pupil at Litton CE Primary School today during an author visit!

Magnificent decorated antlers!


Look at these magnificent decorated antlers on the King of Stags, created by a pupil at Litton CE Primary School.

Wall of Fame: Take Action

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Wall of Fame: About
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