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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

My feet tucked behind me, I sit in my comfortable armchair staring beyond the open patio door at the cat. She’s hiding in the long grass waiting for unsuspecting sparrows to take a bath in the garden pond. I’ve made a cat ‘eat in or take out’ restaurant!  It was supposed to be a wildlife garden. Only yesterday the cat crunched her way through every limp part of a sorrowful shrew, right there on the patio just outside the open door; proudly meowing, announcing her gift before feasting on the contorted corpse. Well at least it wasn’t wasted.

Concentrate! This is important. Who knows how long it will be before I hear the news. I’ve never been made redundant before. I’d rather keep it that way, but it’s not my decision. No more ‘sitting duck’ imitations waiting for my fate to be sealed by those determining my worth, or lack of.

She’s asleep. The cat. Bathing in the moment of sunshine that’s heating the ground and lifting the rain showers from the barely damp soil. The air smells muggy. It’s hard to breathe through the suffocating warmth lingering outside the open door.

Concentrate! You have skills. But what are they? What can you sell that people might want? Steady on! How can it be so hard to come up with an idea? The fan of the overheating laptop is whirling as it sits redundant on my lap, the cursor hovering in anticipation of the first word.

She’s awake. Instantly alert at the sound of a wing flutter or piercing mouse squeak. What’s she spotted? Bees are buzzing, searching for flowers amongst the long grass. The fish swim purposefully, nowhere to go. She watches.

Concentrate! Type a word, any word, just type! Nature. OK, keep going. Wildlife. Gardening. Wildlife gardening. Bringing wildlife to your garden. Oh, that’s it, I like that.

The rain is back, bouncing off the little pond, its once calm surface chaotic. The cat has gone, slunk her way under the shelter of the rosemary bush, disgruntled by the intrusion of large raindrops, cold and determined, penetrating her fur.

Concentrate! Wildlife gardening, design and creation, bringing nature to your garden. We can help you dig a pond, build a bug hotel or seed a mini meadow, and nature will follow. Oh, that’s good. I can sell that.

The rain has stopped. She’s there again; returned to her station to keep watch over the pond. Bang! She’s pounced. Her lightening move rewarded with a sparrow, young and fat, unaware of life’s injustices. Here she comes, strutting her signature cat-walk to the door. I know, I know you’re a clever cat. But I can’t look at you right now. I’m so very disappointed by your skilful execution, fulfilling your instinct to kill.

Delete. Re-write.


Pet restaurants for your feline friends.

Tailor-made gardens for your four-legged killing machine. Whether they prefer to dine on feathers or fur, we create beautiful gardens bursting with wildlife - your cat need never go hungry again.

For further information please contact…

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