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The Fledgling

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Landing solidly: “Now what?”

Furrowed brow, angry mouth.

Plumped feathers hiding the fat body of the greedy child, overfed by overzealous parents.

Eager protectors back home in the nest, fretting, guiltily stuffing their hollow bellies in the absence of their precious, dissatisfied child.

Challenging their over sized offspring to shuffle towards independence; adulthood is lurking.


The security of the nest, its unending supply of nourishment, left behind.

Subjected to unjust demands, unfair expectations, unnecessary trauma.

Inquisitive onlookers moved on with one “what you looking at?” stare, and a flick of its humiliatingly inadequate tail.

Sorrowful silence.

Stunted wings flapping, attempting to defy gravity, loftily lifting its bulk off the ground.

The child who waits around the corner, pretends to be out of breath; puts more effort into not doing, than doing.


Dictating demands on its temporarily devoted parents.

“Well feed me; I’m hungrier than ever after my efforts.”

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